Who Made My Clothes?

Fashion Revolution week has just passed, and it was about urging brands to be as honest as possible, and welcoming transparency in the fashion industry so we can understand more about where our clothing is coming from. Bringing the fashion industry to a more sustainable way of working has definitely been a widespread movement since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh in 2013, where 1,138 factory workers died and another 2,500 were injured.

Despite this disaster, the use of sweatshops, having unsafe working conditions, unethical wages, blatant animal cruelty and the lack of basic human rights, still very much exists today. The fashion industry takes lives, and we are not going to stand by that any longer. That is why I wanted to share with you the story behind Rosa Rosa, and who made your clothes.

My name is Christina and I created Rosa Rosa in hope to show the world that ethical fashion can still be fun. Previously working in the fashion industry, I had this never-ending guilt; for the factory workers abroad when I had to pressure them to work more than they could handle, for the environment when there was so much waste being generated, and for the animals, for being mistreated and slaughtered for the fashion industry. I finally said enough was enough, and just like that, Rosa Rosa was born! 

All of our product is made by myself along with other makers in Melbourne, who are getting paid a fair wage for their work. All of our collections are made in limited runs, to ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum. And finally, all of our clothing is PETA approved vegan, so that we can guarantee that no living being has been harmed in the process. We are an ethical brand every step of the way, and I deeply thank you all for all of your support on our brands journey so far.

My final message is that it is up to YOU, to shop correctly and support the brands that do things the right way, instead of the wrong. If we all do the right thing, there is HOPE. At Rosa Rosa, we have been transparent from the start and are doing things the right way. We are 100% Local, 100% Vegan, and still of course 100% Cool.

Here’s to fashion revolution week, being every week.