Ethical Processes

From design to the end product, everything is done here, in Melbourne, Australia.


Our fabrics are sourced locally from our suppliers in Melbourne. All material used is 100% PETA approved vegan, meaning that no living being was harmed in the process. We do not use leather, silk, wool or any other animal derived fibres. We primarily use deadstock fabric, which vary between being Australian made and imported. From 2021, we are committed to using all natural and sustainable fabric as that is what is best environmentally. We want to reduce our impact as much as humanly possible.


Our pattern making is done in-house, our studio. All initial patterns, samples and graded patterns are created by founder, Christina. For production, our garments are made by local seamstresses. We work with Karin, our seamstress who works from her studio in Richmond, and Van, who works from her home in Korumburra. We are proud to support the local economy as well as practicing ethical standards across the board. See more about our seamstresses here.


The entirety of our label is cruelty-free and we have our environmental footprint in mind, at all times. Our commitment to local, ethical and vegan clothing will never dissipate. As we grow, we aim to better the fashion industry as much as we can. Here is our step by step process to creating each and every garment.

We are open and transparent about all processes, so if you have any questions you need answered, please reach out to for more information. 

Read more about us and why we started here. Thank you for supporting us and choosing a more ethical way of life.