Introducing The Sustainability Project, because it’s time for a change.

From this collection onwards, Rosa Rosa is committed to using fabrics that remain PETA approved vegan, but are also sustainable; such as bamboo, hemp and cotton. Producing smaller, more thoughtful collections in limited quantities, our wastage is being monitored and reduced more than ever before. Our consumerism needs to be more conscious, and more environmentally focused as everything we consume has an impact on this planet. That is why each piece is designed to be an elevated wardrobe staple, that will last.

Clothes that we can keep for 10+ years are the clothes that we need to invest in. We are proudly ethical, locally made, cruelty free and sustainable. We are committed to a better future, and we hope that you will join us.

Capsule Five: Transition A capsule collection designed to help with the transition back into reality. These pieces are aimed at comforting us through the post-covid phase, with our minds and bodies not being as sharp as they usually are. While our self esteem may be a little lower and our waists a little bigger, the rich colours and bold shapes will give you some confidence all while feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

This year we have gone through something that we could have never prepared for - although I hope many of you have found, that within challenge comes new perspective. This collection focuses on bringing the vibrancy back into our lives, and leaving 2020 behind with a stronger sense of self. Clothing isn’t something that we should be squeezing into and feeling a little awkward in, it is simply a tool that should be used to enhance your lifestyle, your mood, and give you the confidence to get out into the world and be yourself.  
These collections are very personal to me and put me in a state of vulnerability as I open up to you and express issues that I feel are worth voicing. I use them to explore such issues and delve into myself to discover topics that are generally not discussed. 
We are all constantly going through changes… a variation of positive and negative events that shift you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. This usually causes disruption and therefore instability, not necessarily on the outside but more-so internally. The biggest battle that we can face is our inner selves, and trying to live up to the standards that are set by yourself and societal norms.
The print of the season represents the morphed reality we have inside our heads, as we often have a clouded judgement when it comes to ourselves rather than seeing the truth. We expect more from ourselves, constantly battling the phobia of never succeeding or accomplishing what we have set out to do, being judged by others, the fear of unhappiness, the list goes on. 
This collection marries clashing colours in representation of unifying our inner minds even when they are each others enemies and are the most divided. The use of distinct shapes idolises the idea that we are all different, we are BOLD, we are uniquely us. We need to dress in a way that represents our personalities on the outside and truly express who we really are, with no apologies. 
With pieces that have the signature Rosa ability of being able to transcend past traditional standards and migrate into your wardrobe for life, this collection was designed with creativity, critique and a whole lot of heart. 
Capsule Three: Infinite Equal Love is a collection designed around the concept of loving all beings despite any indifferences. Sexuality, race, age, gender, moral background, body shape; Whatever defines you in the eyes of other people, should not determine their perception of you, and instead be replaced by the gift of equality without judgement. This capsule was carefully curated to be bright, colourful and uplifting, with the designs being a representation of “an explosion of love”. Love is warm, love is comforting, love makes us feel secure. This collection aims to make you feel all of these things, and most importantly, to spread the message that discrimination is not cool. 
Capsule Two - Status: Always, was built around the idea of convenience, comfort and style. We all live such busy lives; constantly running from place to place, our brains forever working a million miles an hour. This collection is designed to put your mind at ease, with versatile pieces that you can always fall back on. With the ability to be styled up, down or any way you please, we aim to take the pressure off your crazy lifestyle by providing you with key outfits that you can depend on for as long as you live. Whilst designing this collection, we thought it was important to create styles that will stand the test of time. As you get older, your body changes, as well as your lifestyle.. This collection caters for the never ending cycle that we go through. By focusing on multiple textures and fabrications that elevate classic shapes, this range has the ability to be worn thoughout a lifetime in many different ways, no matter what age or stage of life you are in.
These fashion staples are pieces you will not be able to live without and we welcome you to invite Capsule Two into your closet! The most sustainable thing we can do in the fashion industry is minimise our fast fashion intake, and limit our wardrobe to be only the essentials, that have the versatility to be worn many different ways. That is what we do at Rosa Rosa, create styles that have the flexibility to be suitable for many different outfits for many different stages of life. Capsule Two - Status: Always, provides quirky everyday essentials that you will not be able to live without. These reliable pieces will always have your back.
Our first capsule collection is based around the idea of the Melbourne Metropolitan region, where creatives live and breathe. Living in Melbourne means you have the right to express yourself wherever you are. What is so inspiring about Melbourne is that Melbournians have a way of making their style their own in a very unapologetic way. We live on our own accord and not anyone else’s. Our wardrobe staples are not just jeans and plain tees, but statement outfits that express our personality. Capsule One: Metropolitan, has the ability to be suited to many, no matter how alternative or conservative they may be. With a strong focus on pieces that are able to be layered, mixed and matched and put together in many different ways, it is about being creative in the way it is worn, as Melbournians often do. With clothing that is Peta Approved Vegan, and 100% made in Melbourne, this capsule collection captures the essence of what Rosa Rosa stands for.